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Main » 2009 » December » 5 » Longhorn
3:00 PM

"Somebody set up us the UAC.

~ CATS on Windows Vista

"All your RAM are belong to us.

~ CATS on Windows Vista

"This looks awfully familiar

~ Steve Jobs on Windows Vista

"The "Why is this slow?" starts now

~ Bill Gates on Windows Vista

"This is Windows Vista, attempting to initiate phase 1 of bugging the shit out of you, cancel or allow?

~ Windows Vista on Windows Vista

"Oh, where do I now get my windows cleaned?

~ Homer Simpson on Win-D'ohs Vista

"Error 123: User attempted to press button while I was doing something. I will shut down now.

~ Windows Vista on User

"Of all the 15 billion or so lines of code in Windows Vista, only 5 of them work like they're supposed to.

~ User on Windows Vista

"Error. Something has worked.

~ Windows Vista on Itself

"Holy shit! It took 5 years to develop Microsoft Windows Mistake Edition R2.

~ Angry User on Microsoft Retards
Vista's promotional materials emphasize that the latest version of Microsoft's operating system is designed to further enhance the Windows experience.

Windows Vista (pronounced `viz-ter; from Arabic wusta "middle finger") or Windows Mac OS Xgl also known as Windows iStole is the successor to Windows XP and has nothing at all to do with a mac or any of the features on the mac whatsoever. The vista is the brand new windows and totally separate from a mac with vista. The name may also be an acronym for "Viruses Intruders Spyware Trojans and Adware". It has been in development since the introduction of Windows 95 in 1895, and is expected for release in a future odd-numbered year. Well, not really. It appeared 30 minutes after the developers got the idea about it in a hacker website. You can download it by clicking here. Similar to the Home and Professional versions of Windows XP, Vista will ship in over sixty different versions, including AIDS, Confident, Clear, Connected, Connected XL, Connected Ultimate, Ultimate XL, Ultimate Ultimate, Ultimate Squared, and 2 to the power of Ultimate, and I Can't Believe It's Not Ultimate! expected to retail between $99 and $29990 (plus on-road costs). Vista should not be confused with Windows Longhorn, the codename for Macintosh OS 10.4 "Tiger", released in April 2005.

When using Vista, never, NEVER, push the Escape button. That was one crazy day...

It is believed that this will be the last version of Windows, hence the name Windows Hasta la "Vista".

Bill Gates has strongly stated that it was never named "Windows Longwait" by the development team. "It was", he said, "Always and definitely 'Windows Longwait', I mean, 'Windows LongHORN'."

An average Vista setup. (Note the high-tech appearance)
Installation of Windows Vista. (Note the high-tech ASCII Art Windows Vista logo) (Wow, Windows DOS Aero!)

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