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Can my PC run Windows 7?

Find out with the Windows Upgrade Advisor.
Upgrade Advisor Upgrade Advisor

Download and run the Upgrade Advisor

Find out with the Windows Upgrade Advisor

Find out with the Windows Upgrade Advisor.

In general, if your PC can run Windows Vista, it can run Windows 7. But if you're not running Windows Vista, or are just not sure if your system is ready to run Windows 7, there's a quick way to do a simple check.

Just download, install, and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta. You'll get a report telling you if your PC can run Windows 7 and if there are any known compatibility issues. If an issue can be resolved, you'll get suggestions for next steps. For example, it may let you know that you need an updated driver for your printer and where to get it.

Before you begin

Before you run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta, be sure to plug in any USB devices or other devices such as printers, external hard drives, or scanners that are regularly used with the PC you're evaluating.

Download the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta

Which Windows® 7 is Best For You?

Which Windows 7 is Best For You? Comparison Chart

Do you use your PC for entertainment?
Choose Windows 7 Home Premium. The best entertainment experience on your PC.

Do you work from home?
Choose Windows 7 Professional over Home Premium. Everything you need for work and home.

Do you want it all?
Choose Windows 7 Ultimate over Professional. Designed for people who want it all.

Windows® 7. Your PC, simplified.

Simplifies everyday tasks

Windows® 7 makes the things you do every day faster and easier. With fewer clicks, faster searching, easier browsing, and simpler ways to connect, there’s less between you and what you want to do.

  • Simple to use: Get around and get things done faster with simpler, streamlined, navigation.
  • Easy to browse the web: Browse the web faster and easier with Internet Explorer® 8.
  • Easy to connect: Easily share printers and documents with multiple PCs on your home network and stay connected more easily when you're away from home.
  • Easy to communicate and share: Communicating and sharing is easier with Windows 7 and Windows Live. Windows Live Essentials make e-mail, IM, and editing and sharing photos and videos easier (with Windows Live Mail, Messenger, and Photo Gallery).

Works the way you want

Windows® 7 is designed to improve the performance of your PC, so it's faster, more secure, and more reliable. PCs with Windows 7 simply work the way you want them to work.

  • Faster and more reliable: Windows® 7 is designed to make PCs more reliable and responsive.
  • More secure: Improved security helps safeguard your PC and your privacy.
  • Compatible with you: Run many Windows® XP productivity programs and personalize your PC to be just the way you want it.

Makes new things possible

With Windows® 7, you'll discover easy and exciting new ways to have fun and get things done with your PC.

  • Media on your terms: Use your PC as a TV or enjoy photos, music, and videos in more ways — at home and away from home.
  • Work anywhere: With Windows® 7, you can see and connect to available networks, including Wi-Fi, broadband, dial-up, and VPN, in just a few clicks.
  • New ways to engage: Windows® 7 makes PCs with touch screens easier and more intuitive to use.
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